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Solano County launches new redistricting website; encourages community participation in the process

Posted on May 21, 2021


May 21, 2021

Solano County launches new redistricting website; encourages community participation in the process

SOLANO COUNTY – Solano County officials are pleased to announce the launch of the new Solano County Redistricting website, a resource platform to guide the public in understanding the County’s redistricting process, the laws that govern it, why it’s important and how to get involved.

Redistricting occurs every ten years after the U.S. Census is completed.  District boundaries for federal, state and local elected offices are redrawn to reflect new population growths and equalize district populations.  This process, called redistricting, is important to ensure that each Board member represents approximately the same number of constituents in Solano County.

At their March 9, 2021 meeting, the Board of Supervisors approved a resolution affirming the creation of a fifteen-member Redistricting Advisory Committee (RAC21), consisting of three members from each Board district to inform the Supervisors on the 2021 Redistricting effort.  The RAC21 is tasked with preparing a report of their findings and presenting it to the Board on September 28, 2021.  RAC21 members, in coordination with County staff and a consultant, serve in a planning and outreach capacity, helping identify communities of interest, ensuring the integrity of those neighborhoods, and making sure they are maintained geographically within the confines of federal and state laws governing Redistricting.

In addition to RAC21 committee members, the public plays a critical role in helping the County work through the Redistricting process, including identifying communities of interest, participating in public meetings, submitting community maps, providing written ideas for Board consideration and asking questions.  Most importantly, public participation ensures the Redistricting process remains open and transparent.  The new website is accessible in more than 100 languages and viewable on multiple devices, making it easy for the community to get involved and stay involved throughout the process.

The findings in the RAC21 report will be used to help inform the Board when determining district boundaries and GIS mapping options. By law, counties must adopt their new boundaries by or before December 15, 2021.


Solano County encourages the public to get involved in the Redistricting process and is taking steps to make it easy to do so.  Visit the Redistricting website at and click the “Get Involved” tab to start participating in the process.  RAC21 meeting dates and information, including meeting agenda packets, are available on the Redistricting website.  Residents can also subscribe to receive regular news alerts on the Redistricting process to stay up to date.

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