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Solano County Redistricting

About Solano County Redistricting 2021

Every ten years the U.S. Census Bureau releases population data that is used to determine if federal, state, local and special districts need to adjust their boundary lines to ensure equal representation by each elected official in each agency.  Solano County must evaluate the population data for the County Supervisorial Districts so that they have substantially equal populations and that they comply with the federal Voting Rights Act of 1965 and California State Laws, including the recently chaptered Fair and Inclusive Redistricting for Municipalities and Political Subdivisions (FAIR MAPS) Act. Normally the process would start in April when the U.S. Census Bureau releases the population data however, this year the data is not expected to be available until September.

More legal resources governing the redistricting process are available on the Resources tab above.

US Census 2020 Survey Response Rates (SRR)

According to the US Census 2020, the SRR to the US Census was 72.5% in Solano County in 2020 (62.9% in 2010) . This made Solano County the tenth most responsive County in the State of California.

For context, the federal and state SRR's were:

  • United States, 67.0% in 2020
  • California, 69.6% in 2020 (68.2% in 2010)

SSR Breakdown by City:

  • Benicia, 81.7% in 2020 (74.7% in 2010)
  • Dixon, 77.5% in 2020 (76.8% in 2010)
  • Fairfield, 73.3% in 2020 (67.6% in 2010)
  • Rio Vista, 72.8% in 2020 (76.4% in 2010)
  • Suisun City, 76.2% in 2020 (67.3% in 2010)
  • Vacaville, 78.1% in 2020 (70.9% in 2010)
  • Vallejo, 70.7% in 2020 (65.1% in 2010)

SRR information can be accessed here.

Communication Outreach Conducted during the 2020 Census which contributed to the SRR's above:

  • Extensive use of social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram urging residents to respond to Census as part of their last chance to do so
  • Reached out to all Solano County Complete Count Committee members, asked them to push any final messages – got a favorable response back
  • Posted Census information on the SEDC website and use of email blasts to community list-serves / organizations, encouraging Census participation
  • Reposted announcements provided by the State Complete Count Committee on participating Solano County Complete Count committee member organization websites
  • Coordinated PSA campaign with KUIC for last minute Census completion effort in both English and Spanish
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