The official website for Solano County 2021 Redistricting information.

D1 Outreach Meeting (Saturday 9 am)

Jul 31 2021

9:00 am Vallejo John F. Kennedy Library

505 Santa Clara St, Vallejo 94590


  1. Introduction of Speakers
    1. Redistricting Partners Staff
  2. Presentation on Community Input
    1. Purpose and Scope of meeting
    2. Basic principles of redistricting
    3. Importance of Community testimony
      1. Communities of Interest
  3. Questions and Comments from the Public
  4. How to get more information or participate
    1. Go to the website:
    2. Subscribe to receive news updates via email:
    3. Attend the scheduled Redistricting Advisory Committee 2021 (RAC21) Meetings or Board of Supervisors Meetings:
    4. Submit a Community of Interest (COI) via online form:
    5. Submit a comment to the County or email [email protected]
  5. Adjourn
May 13, 2021
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